Ceci Leonard- Former Vice President Reservoir Engineering, Western Division, Devon Energy

“I have been working with Nick for 10 years and know him to be reliable and dedicated to my complete fitness. He is very knowledgeable, creative and resourceful. I had back as well as knee, elbow and shoulder issues and he comes up with a combination of exercises that do not aggravate the joints and yet provide a great workout. My overall strength has increased tremendously, and I no longer have any back pain through a focus on my core muscles. Nick is outstanding!”

Mark Brewer- Ph.D, CIO, IT

“I’ve trained with Nick for 10 years at multiple locations. He is an dedicated sports trainer who knows his subject. He is experienced in all aspects of exercise and fitness with the added benefit of being knowledgable about nutrition. I highly recommend him.”

Terry Bradshaw. Hall of Fame Quarter Back, TV Analyst Fox NFL Sunday, Actor, Speaker, Father, Husband.

“I hired Nick based on his reputation as a Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Dietitian, and Certified Massage Therapist. I have several injuries that he has been able to work around while helping me to increase my strength, flexibility, and lose body fat at the same time. He drives 120 miles to my house to train me and is by far, the best trainer I’ve ever had, and I’ve been with a lot of them. Thanks Nick!”

Mark Van Dorn- Owner and CEO of The Van Dorn Group at The Van Dorn Group

I would like to introduce you to Mark. This guy is absolutely hilarious and one of the most compliant clients I have worked with!
He previously lost 100 pounds on his own, hit a plateau, and then came to me. Mark owns several Sonic Drive-Ins and is always on the road, making it difficult to maintain a diet that supported his health and weight loss goals. I educated him on the benefits of a high-fat, low-carb lifestyle and taught him how to eat and pick his own foods in any given situation (at home or on the road). By sticking to this plan he was also able to indulge in his most favorite foods.

In 5 months and he has already lost an additional 22 lbs and looks absolutely amazing! Mark also came to me with a shoulder injury which is now almost healed. He is lifting heavier, feeling better, and has reduced his blood pressure medicine by half! He also just completed his first 10K!
This method of eating has been the best way for Mark to continue to lose body fat and maintain his overall health while still having the freedom to eat a variety of foods. Way to go Mark!

Melanie Arnett- Sales
“Nick is awesome! I was looking for someone to help me develop good work out habits. My goals were to get toned, then stay fit and healthy. Nick is motivating while not intimidating. His patience and professionalism far exceed what you may have experienced or heard from other trainers. I have learned a lot about nutrition and choosing foods that matter. Since I am investing in working out, I want to choose healthy foods (with the occasional cupcake) that will contribute to my long term physical fitness. Nick is so knowledgeable in this area that it only makes since to work with someone of this caliber. Over the past 4 years, I am stronger, more energetic, and have actually enjoyed working out! ”

Amanda Trumbo- Chesapeake Energy
“I have been working out with Nick for a year now. He has been able to motivate me, hold me accountable, and help me refine and achieve my fitness goals. The workouts are challenging and engaging and he creates a positive atmosphere that is not intimidating or judgmental. Over the last year, I have increased my core strength which has alleviated my lower back pain and have become more toned. I am able to get better results in thirty minute sessions with Nick than working out an hour by myself.”

Jay and I started working together on February 20, 2016 and as of August 2 ,2016, Jay had lost 44lbs and 11% bodyfat! From day one, Jay did exactly as he was told, both with his workouts and most importantly, his eating habits. Jay lost weight slowly and steadily each week and continues to make progress. He worked a sedentary job most of his life and did very little physical activity. Jay’s eating habits were like most Americans today: lots of carbs and junk food. By simply reading food labels, lowering his carbohydrate intake, and increasing his physical activity, Jay feels and looks better than ever at age 64. Way to go Jay!