Emotional Eating…the Struggle is REAL!

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Emotional Eating…the Struggle is REAL!

I’ve personally never been an emotional eater, but I have LOTS of clients who are! In times of distress my hand goes to a dumbbell or a TV remote where I can escape to some good quality Sci-fi. However, emotional eating is a very common and dangerous problem. It almost seems to have become an epidemic. Parents (usually moms) are juggling so many things (kids, work, house, husband, body, social life, volunteering, etc), that in those times of distress they grab the first yummy sugary snack they can find and go to town- a sleeve of Oreo cookies here, a hand full of candy there, pick your poison (literally). At the end of the year, all the sugar and un-tracked calories can add up to weight gain. Here is are  few thing you can do to help control your emotional eating.

1. Just Walk Away!. I like to think of food as being alive and staring right at me, tempting me with it’s sweet goodness. Are you going to let it win? How will you feel after you’ve gotten a minute or two of satisfaction? You will most likely feel ashamed, disappointed, and wished you had just walked away.  

2. Snack on Fat. If you’re on an ultra low carb diet, eating higher fat and moderate protein, you can snack on fat with no worries of insulin spikes and weight gain. Some examples are low carb cheese, avocados, peanut or almond butter, cottage cheese, nuts, or low carb protein bars.

3. Track Your Calories. Set a limit for yourself. Let’s say you only allow yourself 1350 calories. You can snack here and there but you cannot go over this amount of calories. It’s a compromise I offer my clients when they’re struggling with sugar addictions. Over time, you will learn to eat less of these foods and switch to more healthy options.

4. Be Accountable to Someone. Whether it’s your trainer or a friend, talk to someone. Take a picture of what you’re eating and send it to a friend so they can see what you’re doing. Often, if you know someone is watching you, it will be less tempting to eat those foods.


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